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    We think our original leather shoes are pretty spectacular, but you don't have to take our word for it! 

    Check out what others are saying about MP!

    Based on 720 reviews
    So cute!

    I love these shoes! They are a size up so we haven't worn them yet but they're so cute and will fit perfectly this winter. Can't wait!

    Color is cute but…

    I’m not too big of a fan of the soft soles for toddler who walks. Just because I feel like their poor little feet would get hurt especially if little one is walking on concrete or at the park. I didn’t even realize i ordered the soft doke until I got the confirmation and since I got them on sale I couldn’t return or exchange, sucks.

    Our fave yet

    We love these. The leather is soft and the sole is very flexible. We just wish they weren't so narrow.

    Not a fan of weathered brown

    The shoes we received don’t really look like the picture. They seem to have a white residue over them. I understand they are genuine leather and will all look different but I guess I wasn’t expecting them to look like they have white powder over them.

    One of my fave MP colors!!

    This color is one of my all time favorite MP colors! They’re so beautiful! I’m very happy I was able to grab them in hardsoles for my daughter for this fall.

    Best color!

    Love these little shoes! They’re comfy and this color (cashew) goes with everything!

    Cute but ankle strap was too long.

    Not sure why, but the size 7 ankle strap in this style was longer than the size 8 cape cod style. Her cape cods fit on about the middle hole, and on the laguna sandal I had it on the last hole and they were still too loose. She walks right out of them.

    cape cod sandal: olive
    Stephanie Nash

    Cape Cod sandals - classic leather sandals -so nice to find. We chose olive & it’s a charming neutral.
    Delighted with this purchase!

    Love this color

    Perfect neutral. I wish I hadn’t ordered tan because this will go with ever!!

    cape cod sandal: brown
    Jazmin Flores
    Toddler approved!

    My almost 3 year old loves the fit. As soon as I tried them on she started to run. I guess to test them out? Lol. She also thinks they smell good. Great quality & toddler approved!

    They ran tts for us.

    Perfect for summer!

    They are so adorable....They run a little large which is fine my granddaughter will fit in them throughout the summer! Perfect color, very neutral n easy to clean!

    cape cod sandal: olive
    Alexis Davila
    The most amazing sandals ever!

    I absolutely love the look and quality of the sandals. My very active 3 year old is able to play,run, and climb in them without any limitations. I love that they are adjustable over the toes as well as her ankle, giving them the perfect fit. The no hassle buckle makes it so easy to put on the shoes, that she is able to do so on her own; which makes her independent self so happy! I can’t wait to purchase more!

    Really cute

    These are so cute on. The buckle is really great and super easy to get on and off. I just wish the sole was a bit more flexible as it's really stiff. Also the footbed leather easily stains. My daughter spilled water and it stained the leather a bit darker.

    cape cod sandal: gold
    Brittany Smith
    Comfy and beautiful

    Love these! My daughter has a wide foot and these fit perfectly. She loves them and so do I!

    the mary jane: cognac
    Amanda Sanchez

    So cute! The perfect shoe for Easter!

    Terrible quality leather

    The leather was so dry it appeared whiteish, even after I conditioned it. I expected a “weathered” look but the leather is almost cracking and they have never been worn. The design of the shoe and the comfort are fine but I expected good leather for the price. They look so bad I would have been better off with faux leather.

    We love our new shoes!

    New to the brand, but totally in love. Our shoes fit great and both my girls loved wearing them. Even more pleased that the shoes are made in the USA! 🇺🇸

    Absolutely stunning! We will forever love Mon Petit!


    Buy the shoes. Buy all the shoes! We love mp ♡


    We love all of our soft sole Mon Petit shoes for our active 15 month old but the camouflage hit the spot for dad. A subtle nod with the same stylish comfort and durability.


    I’m definitely in love fawn dot!! This is my girls first print we all ways get solid but I’m definitely not disappointed! As all ways quality is number #1 with me and the print✨✨✨✨ So happy and girls are over moon about their MP shoes

    Adorable & useful

    Attractive, classic & downright cute- soft to form around child’s foot and protective. This is our fourth pair- gotta love ‘em!

    Amazing quality 💕💕

    I’m in love with the colorway and the softness of leather💕💕

    the hard soled mary jane: weathered brown
    Brittany Smith

    Perfect neutral!

    the hard soled mary jane: weathered brown
    Evelyn Gonzalez
    Cute and stylish!

    The hard soled mary jane weathered brown shoes could not be more perfect. The quality is great. They go with everything. My only regret would be not sizing up and getting one or two more pairs.