the story

why I love what I do.

Hi! I'm Julie. I am married to my amazing chef. We have two adorable daughters that we get to spend our days with.

I have been making shoes for my own children since my oldest was born in 2010. Like so many other moms, I wanted functional and stylish footwear for my girls to wear. I wanted something that was soft enough to swaddle a newborn in and sturdy enough for a busy three year old. Lastly, I needed something that would STAY ON my baby's feet.

I love creating and troubleshooting in the process. I have been working endlessly on perfecting these little shoes so I could bring them to you!

The soft soles of these shoes help your emergent walker have success as well as your seasoned preschooler enjoy unique and irresistable style, while the shoes stay on their feet.

I am so glad you're here. I hope you find something for your little ones to delight in as much as mine do.