the mary jane: cashew (RTS)
the mary jane: cashew (RTS)

the mary jane: cashew (RTS)

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Our mary jane shoes are the perfect shoe for your newborn baby to be swaddled in as well as your rambunctious preschooler to explore new territory. We wanted to make a shoe that is just right for these special years in your child's life, soft-soled shoes are a great tool to help your emergent walker perfect those skills while allowing their feet to navigate the ground below them. We hope you will find something perfect for the little one in your life.

Product Information and Turnaround Time

These handmade leather shoes have some variance. All of our soft-soled shoes are handmade from start to finish. Please allow 1-5 business days from date of order to ship.

Please Note

These are shoes made for children, therefore, like any other shoes, there will be regular wear and potential scuffing. This is normal and should be loved and appreciated as your child explores the world around them!

Please refer to our FAQ page for the Return and Refund Policy and any other inquiries you may have.