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    Just a few things MP mamas have to say: 



    Amazing. Incredible. Outstanding. Mon Petit really goes above and beyond with their customers to make sure they’re happy. Jenn and Julie are so vocal about their product and I love that they ask for ideas and truly listen to the customer and give them what they want! We LOVE mon petit.

    -Chelsey S.


    We LOVE our Mon Petits! My babe has worn soft soles for the last three years, and more recently, started wearing hard soles during the Fall and Winter months. The quality of the shoes are unparalleled, and the customer service of Jenn and Julie is unprecedented.

    I tell everyone about these shoes, not only to keep up the support of a small business, but because they’re not only cute, they’re comfortable for my babe. They will last way beyond their ticket price.

    -Heather M.


    We’ve had an amazing experience with Mon Petit. Amazing quality, various colors to match everything. Customer service is Top notch! Thanks for creating amazing shoes! I love this is a woman owned company!

    -Claire R.



    Julie and Jenn are the sweetest company owners ever, they're adorable and really care about the products they put out. If ever there are any issues, they try to help to resolve them and even go above and beyond for their customers. I adore their products and fully support this wonderful and caring brand. They even do a special shoe color which they sell and a part of the commission goes to help benefit children/families in Africa. I came across this wonderful brand when I was pregnant 4 years ago and have loved this brand ever since. It’s a rare occurrence when my daughter isn’t wearing her Mon Petit and now that they have gorgeous hardsoles we're even more in love with making it possible to continue wearing as my little one keeps growing. The shoes are made with gorgeous hides and hues of amazing leather. I love this adorable brand, and fully support the woman behind it.

    -Jescy L.


     I bought my first pair of Mon Petit Shoes used from BST (poppy ox’s size 3). She was about 5 months old. She’s just over two now and we are still an MP loving home. We have 20 + pairs. And now I have a little boy (3 months) and his collection is growing. I just scored AVOCADO!!!!! 

     Anyways, my girl is rough and tough with everything, MP’s always hold up to the challenge. 

     I’ve experienced nothing but amazing quality and service from Mon Petit. I love watching my kids grow while wearing shoes from a brand that cares.  

    -Claire R.


    I have bought 10+ pairs of shoes for my daughter and I don't have any complaints. Customer service has always been wonderful. My daughter loves the shoes and always picks them because they are so comfy. I'm pregnant with another baby now and am already excited to find out if it's a boy or girl so I can start buying some new shoes!

    -Jocelyn K.


    Mon Petit are the only shoes my daughter wears! They are adorable, comfy, and go with every outfit- she cries when I try to put hard sole shoes on her because she loves the comfort of Mon Petit. Their customer service is also amazing! The best team of customer service professionals I’ve encountered.

    -Ariel L. 


    This is my favorite company hands down. Everything from the product to the customer service is outstanding. These ladies have gone above and beyond to make their customers happy. Just when I think it can not get any better, I’m left speechless. Mon Petit are the only shoes my babe loves. 
    -Alexis J.