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    New 2019 hard-sole collection: ready to ship

    Made with 100% genuine Italian leather, flexible grip soles, cotton laces and our brand new Effortless Buckle.

    Produced in some of your favorite colors! Make sure to grab matching soft-soles for your littles to match!

    Please note:  Due to high demand of this collection there is the chance that products will oversell if Afterpay is used at checkout. If you are using Afterpay to checkout, please note you may run the risk of your carted items overselling! Unfortunately, due to communication in the Afterpay payment gateway window, products you may have purchased could have oversold in the checkout stage. Mon Petit Shoes is not responsible for goods overselling for customers who use Afterpay and will refund customers who have had products oversell in their order. Please understand that we try to provide the easiest/quickest checkout possible and want to be upfront about any issues you may encounter. THANKS!

    Sorry, there are no products in this collection